Friday, January 29, 2016

A new day and 2 new listing with a little bit of spinning

Yesterday after dyeing up 2 new skeins of Handspun Dyed Scarlet Alpaca Yarn
I headed upstairs to the spinning room to start refilling the 1st bobbin again.
I almost had the bobbin refilled by the end of the work day.
Today I spent the morning rewinding skeins, printing labels and taking pictures (including the one above) and listing them in my store.
Now that I have these 2 skeins listed, I'm ready to head up to the spinning room and start spinning where I left off.  I hope to have the 1st bobbin filled and the 2nd one started in being refilled.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dyeing in the kitchen again #dyeing #scarlet #alpaca #handspun

Well, its that time again!  Dye pot's on the stove, with what was some Handspun White Alpaca Yarn.  Now it's Handspun - Dyed - Miss Scarlet - Alpaca - Yarn.
This is only the 1st skein, I still have 1 more to dye after this.  I usually dye 2 skeins at a time, so I have another skein in the background waiting for its partner to be spun and plied.  So this is pretty much all I have to show for now, I will be back at the spinning wheel later today spinning up more white alpaca batts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Time at the #spinning wheel

Well, now that I have no other projects currently to work on...........I'm spending a lot of time at my spinning wheel, as you saw from yesterday's post.  So today was pretty much the same, only not as many pictures to show off.  Today I started off where I left off yesterday, in plying up the 17th skein of Handspun White Alpaca.
Soon, though I had another full bobbin of plied Handspun White Alpaca Yarn, ready to be wound off onto my niddy noddy, then washed and hung to dry. 
Then I replaced an empty bobbin with a 1/4 full bobbin of handspun single alpaca and started in spinning again to refill it.
Time flies by, so fast when I'm sitting at the spinning wheel.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stitches are out! Yippee!! Lots of spinning today!!! #spinning #bobbins #alpaca #white

Well, I went and got my stitches out today (2 hours ago).  I'm so happy, and when I got home I headed straight to the spinning room.  It was so nice to be sitting behind my old friend (spinning wheel), and spinning up alpaca again.  Oh yes, the alpaca fiber feels so nice again in my hands.
This is the third bobbin, that I'm refilling again and I'm getting close to filling it up.  I think another batt will do it.  I was right!  It only took 1 more batt to fill it up.  Now I have 3 full bobbins.
The first bobbin (on right) weights 5 1/8 ounces - 2 ounces (for bobbin) = 3 1/8 ounces
The second bobbin (middle) weights 4 1/4 ounces - 2 ounces (for bobbin) = 2 1/4 ounces
The third bobbin (on left) weights 4 7/8 ounces - 2 ounces (for bobbin) = 2 7/8 ounces
Total  3 1/8 + 2 1/4 + 2 7/8 ounces = 8 1/4 ounces of spun single alpaca yarn.
Now to start in plying up the 16th skein of 3 ply white alpaca yarn.
Whoohoo!  Another full bobbin of Handspun 3 ply White Alpaca Yarn from Bellagio's Fleece.
Now to wind it off onto my niddy noddy, wash it and hang it to dry.  Then start in plying up the 17th skein.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Reading my Spin Off Magazine on my Kindle

Yesterday since I didn't do any spinning or knitting.  I placed an order on my Kindle (my Christmas present), for a Spin Off Magazine subscription.  I used to get these magazines all the time when I first started spinning in 1998, I don't know why I stopped getting them.  I so enjoyed looking through it yesterday.  I always have to read the Editor's page first when I read Spin Off as it gives me an inside view of other professional spinners, production spinners, teachers and working artists.
There is a nice Memoriam by Linda Ligon on Lee Raven.  I only learned about her after her death and this Memoriam really brought her into reality for me.  She was a remarkable women!
Now on to the next article.....Artist Maggie Leininger's Mass + Effort "As the Whorl Spins".  I think this article is going to be very interesting too!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

No spinning or knitting today!

Sorry Folks!  No spinning or knitting today.  I did try!! Yesterday I sliced the top of my finger yesterday, when I was cleaning my house.  I sliced bad enough for my husband to take me to the ER for 3 stitches.  My finger feels better today, but its awkward to spin and knit and I have a tendency to poke myself with the knitting needles.  Then when I'm spinning, I put pressure on that area of my finger and it hurts.  So I think I'll sit back a read some spinning and weaving magazines for a couple of days.  Sorry everyone!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tired but ideas are flowing like crazy #finished #socks #knitting #spinning #bootcuffs

TDespite my feeling extremely tired this morning, loads of ideas are flowing through my head.  Why is it when you are tired that the ideas tend to overflow.  LOL  Oh well, I'm just happy to have them!
Before I start writing them all down though, I want to share with you, what I did yesterday. 
Here goes!
I finished the first boot cuff (second pair), and started on the mate.  Since I have the pattern memorized, this pair is working up, much faster.
I finished refilling the second bobbin and started in refilling the third bobbin.  It won't be long, before I'm plying up the 16 and 17th skeins.
Last but not least, I finished up my brother's socks last night.  So today I'll be printing up labels, for my mom's and brother's socks and then wrapping them up, packaging them and sending them off to the post office.  Soon they'll have warm, comfy, cozy feet.
Now for the ideas............
1.  hand warmers
2. shawls
3. sweaters
4. woven table runners
5. woven dish towels
6. woven coverlet
7. baby blanket

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yesterday's accomplishments #finished #socks #knitting #spinning

I did it!  I finally finished my mom's socks!!  Oh I know she'll be happy, to have her socks soon.  She told me a while back that her socks were starting to wear thin, hence my knitting this new pair.
I almost finished up the first boot cuff, from the second pair, I'm working on.
I even came very close to refilling the second bobbin with handspun white alpaca.
and to top it all off, I only have 36 more rows left and my brother's socks will be finished.
This was all yesterday's work though, so you can see just what I'm going to accomplish today.

Monday, January 18, 2016

What's on the production line? Last day for Sale #knitting #spinning #JANSALE

Yesterday, I stayed pretty busy, despite a long good conversation with my youngest son in Florida.  Once I got off the phone, I was back to knitting and spinning.  I kept the production line going, even if I didn't complete anything.  Here's some pictures of what I accomplished in 6 hours 7 minutes and 15 seconds.
17 1/2 rows completed on a new pair of Handspun Knitted Wildberry Colonial Wool Blend Boot Cuffs
First bobbin refilled once again and second bobbin started to be refilled.
I almost finished my mom's socks (4 more rows of the pattern and then toe take off time).  I finished the gusset on my brother's socks and started in on the instep.
Today is the last day to take advantage and
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

First Sale of the Year #knitting #spinning #JANSALE

Yesterday morning I was busy packaging up my first sale of the year!  A wonderful friend bought these 4 skeins of Handspun - Dyed - Alpaca - Yarn
After I came back from the post office from mailing off her package, I took pictures of the Handspun - Knitted - Wild Berry - Colonial Wool Blend - Boot Cuffs
sewed in the labels, printed out a label and then listed them on my website.  Then I started in knitting on another pair with the remaining yarn.
After getting this new pair started, I put it aside and headed upstairs to the spinning room to start spinning up more White Alpaca
I pretty close to refilling this first bobbin again, but needed to get back to my knitting.  So I stopped spinning and picked up my knitting needles again.  I finished the gusset on my mom's socks
and knitted quite a bit on the instep.  Then I put it down to start in knitting on my brother's socks.
When I started knitting on my brother's socks, I was at the beginning on the gusset (just starting).  Now the gusset is half way finished.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

#socks #knitting #new #listing #dyed #alpaca #yarn #JANSALE

Well, I'm late getting here again.  Sorry, but I think you'll understand once you see, what I've been doing.  I finished up the leg, heel flap and heel turn on my brother's socks.
Then I rewound the 2 skeins that I dyed yesterday and listed them on my website.
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Busy day #knitting #spinning #dyeing #JANSALE

Busy day here at Spinning Ginny, from knitting, to spinning, to dyeing handspun yarn.  Still have some more knitting to do, but here's just what I've been up too today.
First on the list knitting on the Handspun - Knitted -  Wildberry - Colonial Wool Blend - Boot Cuffs.
I only need to knit 1 1/4 inches more and these will be finished.
Second on the list was to
finish plying up the 15th skein of 3 ply Handspun - White - Alpaca - Yarn
Then begin refilling the 1st bobbin again with more white alpaca.
Third on the list was to start dyeing up 2 skeins of 3 ply Handspun - White - Alpaca
This is the first skein of 3 ply Handspun - Dyed - Violet - Alpaca
Fourth on the list was to knit on my mom's socks
The heel flap, and heel turn are finished and the gusset is almost finished. 
Now to be working on the fifth item on my brothers socks (will post the picture of it tomorrow).
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shoveling Snow this morning #knitting #spinning #JANSALE

Well, after shoveling the snow (roughly 1/2 inch) off my driveway, I finally picked up my knitting needles and started my day off. 
I now have 2 3/4 inches knitted on the mate to this pair of
Handspun - Knitted - Wildberry - Colonial Wool Blend - Boot Cuffs
which means that I still need 4 1/4 inches, before this pair is finished.
I wound off the 14th skein of Handspun 3 ply White Alpaca Yarn today and washed it.  Then I began plying up the 15th skein.
Soon I'll be ready to dye up some more Alpaca Yarn.  So stay tuned as tomorrow the dye pot is coming out.
I finished the heel flap and heal turn on the mate to my mom's socks and started on the gusset.
As for my brother's socks, well I only have 1 more row to knit on the leg and then I'll be starting on the heel flap. 
Don't forget though that this weekend
Spinning Ginny is taking 20% off her entire inventory. 

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