Friday, March 11, 2016

Newly Listed Skeins and some knitting

Well, my newly dyed yarn is all dry, labels are made, and all 4 skeins are now listed.
Pink Handspun Alpaca Yarn 179 yds.
Pink Handspun Alpaca Yarn 178 yds.
Kelly Green Handspun Alpaca Yarn 200 yds.
Kelly Green Handspun Alpaca Yarn 195 yds.
Once I had all these skeins listed, I sat down and did some knitting on the new Handspun Knitted Mountain Sunset Colonial Merino Half Circle Shawl.
I now have 103 1/2 rows completed.  I still have 56 1/2 more rows to go before I start on the border edge.

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