Monday, April 4, 2016

Do you have enough Fleece or Roving?

Do you have enough Fleece or Roving?
Can you answer this question, or is it hard to admit, or are you aware of what you have in your spinning room?
How much is enough FLEECE or ROVING anyways?
I suppose that if you had 7 big tubs filled with carded batts from 1 Alpaca fleece, 2 small buckets of dyed carded alpaca locks, 2 small buckets of dyed carded mohair locks, 1 small bucket of natural silvery mohair locks, 1 small bucket of Wenslydale Teeswater locks, 8oz of Icelandic roving, 2 bags of border Leicester/Corriedale cross (each 2.5 oz)
Wouldn't this imply that you had enough?
Probably not if you spin daily.
But then.....when you see some new fleece or roving, that's been dyed by the owner of the sheep, goat, or alpaca and it really grabs your attention.
Then you've just got to buy it right?
Think about this for a moment -
Do you have room for more fleece or roving? Is it something that you will be spinning up right away, because you have a project in mind?
Sadly, we all have a tendency to buy things in the spur of the moment, often without thought of where we'll put it, when we'll get to spin it, etc.
Always look in your spinning room first before you buy anymore fleece or roving.

Remember, you can always get more fleece once you find room or need it for a special project, you just don't need to over do it.

Beware fleece and roving is very addictive for spinners!

Happy Spinning

aka Spinning Ginny

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