Monday, April 11, 2016

The Call

The Call
A call came in this morning
to tell me some news.
News that has sent my mind
on a whirl wind.
I've had this call a few other
times, but I worry regardless.
I know you are in good hands,
and there's really nothing I can do.
I'm 3,000 miles away, so all I can
do is wait.
I try to knit, but my mind wanders
and I loose track of my stitches.
I try to do some spinning, but the
fiber is getting over twisted and sometimes
under twisted.
My mind is nothing but a whirl wind.
The phone rings, I jump and I hear
that you are resting and tests were being done,
and the results will come back in a hour or so.
The whirl wind of my mind is slowly dying
down, but its still whirling.
It will not stop until I know that all is well and
you are home.
Get some rest, I love you Mom!

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